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And the Oscar goes to…Anjelica Huston’s eyebrows!!


My two sons are my usual movie-viewing companions. They endure many a chick flick for the sake of dear, old Mom (heavy on the dear). Last night I subjected them to Ever After. I had never watched it before. I also wasn’t expecting much. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it. Or perhaps it was those eyebrows of Anjelica’s! The seductive eyes she made at her informant had me rolling. Never have I seen such intense eyebrow action outside of Dwayne Johnson or my personal favorite, Becki Newton from Ugly Betty.







This movie also has me questioning a few things. Why do they have English accents if they are French? I am slow. Someone may have to explain this one to me. Also, I’m going to have to research Gustave…a real Da Vinci crony? Now the use of Da Vinci’s painting with Drew Barrymore’s face was clever. I also like the inclusion of the Brothers Grimm.


Now, if I am giving an award for eyebrows, I may as well include another category…Best Use of Shrieking, Moaning, & Panting Sobs. Virginia Garcia as the Spanish princess is the obvious winner. Another possible category could be…Best Use of Animal Sounds in a Flirtatious Situation. The hands-down winner…the neighs & nickers of the couple at the costume party! It’s a shame I’m at least 10 years late.

If anyone can give me other examples of great use of eyebrows in a movie…I may raise mine to you.


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