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Beam Me Up!



I have never watched any of the “Star Trek” television series. I have also missed all the movies or any type of newer TV series. I am almost completely without any “Star Trek” knowledge. I know the basics…Kirk; Spock; “Beam me up, Scottie”; USS Enterprise; “Space…the final frontier”. I haven’t intentionally avoided the series or the movies. It just happened that I missed it all. I can’t really explain it.

Well, all that has changed. I went to see the movie Star Trek. Oh…my…gosh. Incredible action flick! When Leonard Nimoy popped up in the middle of the movie, he might as well have walked right into the movie theater & sat down beside me. It was such a trip! You definitely need to see this flick. I will be checking out some of the old stuff for sure.

Live long and prosper…

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