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My Top Ten “Go-To” Movie List

Every movie buff has a collection of indispensable movies, the ones that will be replaced when they wear out from overuse.  These are movies that I could watch at any time. I will never get tired of them. These flicks actually have a widespread appeal in my household. If someone pops one in, we will usually all gather around to watch it. These are naturally the biggest source for my family’s conversational movie quoting(the lines we throw in during general conversation).

This list is actually quite a bit bigger, but I’ve narrowed it to my top ten.

10.  Gladiator  I love historical epics. I also noticed that I have a propensity toward violence…only in my cinematic choices, of course. Not that I would hurt someone if they didn’t want to watch the same movie, but I seem to have a constitution strong enough for graphic violence on the big screen. At my signal, unleash hell.



elf9. Elf  We don’t just watch this one during the holidays. Watch anytime you want a good, clean laugh. I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.




little-women8. Little Women  Surely, this pick balances out the violence of #10. I love the dynamic of this superb cast. This chick flick even has enough to entertain my boys. Are you shocked? Very.





school7.  School of Rock  Jack Black…need I say more? Okay, how ’bout…It’s gonna be a really tough project, you’re gonna have to use your head, your brain and your mind too.




mupeet6. Muppet Treasure Island Let’s face it. You probably love the muppets or you hate ’em. I’m with the former. Tim Curry‘s presence in the cast only enhances. One leg, Jim, count ’em, one.




20081221_245. Singin’ in the Rain  What’s not to love? Music, comedy, dancing…Gene Kelly. What do they think I am? Dumb or somethin’.




20081221_164. Nacho Libre  This is definitely the most quoted movie in my home. We came across another family that holds this picture with the same esteem. Every time we see them…I was wondering if you would like to join me in my quarters this night…for some toast.





pimpernel3. The Scarlet Pimpernel  Old movie 1934, bad picture quality, horrible audio, still absolutely worth viewing…again & again! They seek him here, They seek him there, Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? Or is he in hell? That damned elusive Pimpernel!




20081221_102. Rio Bravo  Everybody should have a favorite western. Of course, it should have John Wayne in it. Throw Dean Martin in & I’m hooked! Watch this, if only just to hear Dean & Ricky Nelson sing together. There are plenty of other reasons. You want that gun, pick it up. I wish you would.




20081221_131. Pride & Prejudice I’m gonna go watch this one right now! Netherfield Park is let at last. Have you heard who has taken it?


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