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sub-jec’ tive adj. relating to personal feeling or opinion; influenced by emotion or prejudice.

My interest in movies and books has moved me to start my own journal of cinematic and literary experiences. I am not a scholar nor a critic. I have no desire to be cutting edge or mainstream. This is a view of film through my eyes, also my take on books.

Reading movie blogs is fun. I have checked out many online book clubs. I don’t always agree with critic reviews, but it’s interesting to see assorted viewpoints. I’m always amazed at differing opinion.

I have noticed that my opinions are usually quite varied from the mainstream take. Critique of film or literature is completely subjective. How we receive a movie or book is as intimately diverse as each of our personalities. The author or film maker can have a vision or specific meaning but our individual perception can spin a wildly separate interpretation.

The quality of film or literature can be debated, but not on the level of basic “Did you like it or not?” Mine are not educated opinions, but simply that…”mine”. Views can sometimes change. I like to hear how others receive the same material. We can disagree, but perhaps give thought for additional consideration.

Here’s to diversity!


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