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Romance Is In The Air?

It’s Valentine’s Day. I went to my brother’s to watch a movie. We watched one of his favorites with my son & niece. It’s older (1998), but I hadn’t seen it. When I think of Valentine’s Day & romance, of course, I think of Blade. Right? Nothing says love like blood suckers & martial arts. Well, it’s our own personal, distorted version of love…kung fu & vampires. Watching an action, vamp movie on Cupid’s big day…it’s gotta be against the law.



WARNING:  This movie had a new feature. The makers tried to see how many times they could detonate the f-bomb in a 2-hour span. You could make a game of counting how many times. We tried, but lost count. It can’t be under 50 though. Yikes.

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Twilight Series


Who isn’t caught up in the phenomenon that is Twilight? Certainly not me. I’m there! I’m not even a “pre-teen or young adult”. I have always liked vampire stories. Anne Rice was a favorite of mine. So, I had to give Stephenie Meyer a try…Wow. I was most pleasantly surprised. I devoured the first three books in five days. That has to be the biggest compliment I can give…books I simply can’t put down.

I have to be honest. Being a Mom in my late 30s, this series has a different draw for me. I’m not mesmerized by the love story. I was actually pulling for Jacob. The second book, New Moon, is my favorite. I adored the character, Jacob Black…his understated sense of humor & his easy-going, humble personality won me over. The relationship that develops between Bella & Jacob is the result of friendship, his caring & understanding. He’s there when she needs him. The relationship with Edward is a result of intense, physical attraction. Sensuality wins out. It has a stronger pull than simple, honest affection. Is it more exciting that way? Of course, but the Mother in me begs Bella to choose Jacob.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t like Edward. Quite the opposite, this is a captivating story. I enjoy Meyer’s writing immensely. I will definitely be reading The Host. 

Now, did the movie measure up to the book? Of course not, nor could it. I did like the movie though. It was a decent interpretation. I was just a wee bit disappointed because I was expecting a little more action. That’s the bigger draw for me…vampires & werewolves! Is there anyway to add a little kung-fu into this? That would be perfect.

I went to watch the movie with my 18-year old niece, one of her buddies, & my 16-year old son. The girls were gushing over Edward to the point, my son finally begged, “Do you mind?” This absolutely was a deadly gorgeous group of vampires…but, Jasper was the best looking. I know…I can’t believe it either. The girls were aghast at my preference. Even more so when I said, “The Dad’s cute too.” They assumed I was talking about Dr. Cullen, he was stunning. But, I was talking about Charlie. “Gak, he’s so old.” Like I said…not the same draw…

My niece picked out a Twilight poster & made her Dad buy it for me. I haven’t had a poster on my bedroom wall since I was a teenager living in my parent’s home. How is this going to work? Can I incorporate it into my decor? I’m laughing just picturing it. What do you suppose my guests will think?

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